Coaching Services

I love working with determined, excited and action-oriented people, just like yourself, who are ready to get the life you dream! I'll help you across the process of change through my 4 amazing packages. I know that each person's journey may take longer than others. So, you will notice that some of my packages are for shorter or longer periods of time. 

Many of us love to learn and make experience their transformations in a group setting. If that's you, then you would love my group coaching package.

Take a look at them and see which one speaks to you at this moment in time. 

I know you would like to learn more about my packages, please schedule a quick session with me. We can discuss where you are now and what your ultimate life goal is. Then, we can see which package is best suited for you. 

Package 1 - Quick Start

Ideal package for you to keep yourself on track and maintain your focus on your goal and improve performance.

  • 12 Sessions (60 minutes each)
  • One session per week (minimum);
  • 2 weekly e-mails or WhatsApp exchanges if desired

Package 2 - Inspired Process

This package is more effective when you are dealing with up to 2 specific areas/ issues you would like to work on.

  • 16 Sessions (60 minutes each)
  • one session per week
  • 2 weekly e-mails or WhatsApp exchanges if desired

Package 3 - Boost Your Performance

Great package for those whom are eager to establish momentum at a rapid pace to a high performance. (entry-level)

  • 8 Sessions of 45 minutes each
  • twice a week over 1 month

Communication will be dynamic to keep the relationship alive.

Package 4 - Unlock your Potential - Change your Momentum!

Recommended for those who have to deal with multiple, complex issues/goals; recommended to career development or future business

  • Premium - 24 Sessions of 60 minutes each or depending on the plan
  • Sessions distributed as required over 6 months;

Communication will be discussed to keep the relationship alive; it will include a Course and development tools.


Group Package: Move On Fast with a Tribe!

Work in group and leverage the experience you will get from that. Recommended to entry-level in general that are looking for their "Personal Presence" in the moment - quick pace and lots of networking.

  • 5 sessions of 60 minutes each, once a week
  • 6 to 15 participants - virtual


My Coaching Process:          

My background is in training and development and I bring my experience to improve people's potential to coaching my clients.

I use deep listening and probing questions to help the client understand their own assumptions and work on to shifting their mindset from what is wrong with what are the possibilities for them.

Through a combination of mindfulness and coaching, I’ll explore how the client can reconnect with their body and rediscover a self-knowing, intuition and core values.



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